Fall 2016 Project & Policy Update

by | Oct 3, 2016



This is the first general update in a while, so there’s lots to share on both the project and policy fronts. You can click on links and photos for more info.


FOR SALE: Farmhouse and Cottage at Applewood Corner
Love gardening? Community living? Small homes? Beautiful old farmhouses? This could be the spot for you. Orange Splot just wrapped up a corner lot mini-community at 2835 SE 71st Ave. that consists of a 1904 house and brand spankin’ new ADU. Stop by an open house or with a real estate agent any time you like. More project info can be found on this Orange Splot web page and at Living Room realty.

IN FOR PERMITS: Mason St. Townhomes
The Mason St. Townhomes community will consist of 13 new homes, 1 existing home and a common house with guest room on a little over half an acre near NE Mason St. and Cully Blvd. We participated in Portland’s Deconstruction Incentive Pilot Program this June to deconstruct one of the homes – and gave away all the re-usable materials to our Cully neighbors (more info here). We’re also partnering with Proud Ground to make some of the new homes permanently affordable to low income buyers. We’re currently in for permits and hope to break ground in about a month. This fall, our realtor will launch a web page (beta site is now up!) sharing unit floor plans, community and site amenities, renderings & photos in anticipation of posting sales prices and other details in summer, 2017, a couple months prior to project completion.

Camp Cully” will be built on 1.5 acres, right across the street from Cully Grove. Designed around (and inspired by!) a centrally-located fir tree grove, this community of 22 homes will include a common house, shared gardens, campfire area, picnic shelter and sauna. Once again, we’ll be partnering with Proud Ground to make a few of these homes permanently affordable. Last week, we obtained final approval for a zone change – so will dive back in to design work shortly.

ACQUIRED: Rose’s (now Gina’s) Ice Cream
In May I purchased the Rose’s Ice Cream property at 5011 NE 42nd Ave. that houses Portland’s longest running old fashioned ice cream parlor (and my first Portland employer :-). Local entrepreneur Gina Landtiser now owns and runs the business, renamed “Gina’s Cafe.” Read the full story here. Or better yet – stop on by for a scoop and a meal!

While we were at it, we teamed up with with a massive volunteer crew from Depave to tear up asphalt and replace it with soil & plantings and an outdoor seating area. We’ve also worked with Ted Snider to open the Cully Farm Store on site – and continue the tradition of hosting the Cully Farmer’s Market every Thursday.


In addition to launching new communities, Orange Splot works to reform the ‘rules of the game’ for our built environment so more Portlanders can have decent, affordable and community-supportive housing. To that end, I serve on Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission, share ideas on my blog (example here), participate in planning processes (Residential Infill Project, Accessory Structures Project…), and support the ADU and tiny house movements through www.accessorydwellings.org and leading ADU tours. Want to get involved too? Here are some opportunities coming up.

FREE BREAKFAST FORUM: “Missing Middle Housing”
Dan Parolek, who coined the term “Missing Middle”, is coming to town! We’ll be leading a walking tour on Oct. 6th (sold out), then hosting a community breakfast forum from 9am-noon on Friday, Oct 7th. The topic: housing, land use and creating communities for all ages. After the presentation, there will be a chance for dialogue with Joe Zehnder (Portland’s planning director), Alma Flores (Community Development Director for Milwaukie), Alan DeLaTorre (PSU’s Institute of Aging), and Yours Truly! Sponsors are AARP, 1000 Friends of Oregon, Portland for Everyone and the Urban Land Institute. Details here. Registration here. See you there!

REPORT PUBLISHED: Character-Compatible, Space-Efficient, Housing Options for Single-Dwelling Neighborhoods
Would cottage clusters, accessory dwelling units, corner duplexes or internal conversions of large homes be welcome additions to your community’s zoning toolbox? Supported by Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality and Transportation and Growth Management Programs, Madeline Kovacs and I researched and co-authored a report on these housing types that covers case studies, trade-offs, best practices, and specific code suggestions. Check out the report here.

NEW ORGANIZATION: Portland for Everyone
Founded earlier this year to advocate for diverse, abundant and affordable housing in all of our neighborhoods, Portland for Everyone is actively involved in ongoing regulatory reform projects going on now and for the next 12-18 months. Orange Splot is a co-founder and supporter, along with a growing coalition of advocacy and community organizations, housing providers, individuals, and local businesses. If you care about the future of our city and want to take action, this is a great way to get involved.

VOTE THIS NOVEMBER: Support Measure 26-179 for A Local Affordable Housing Bond
In addition to zoning reform, we need new financial resources to house Portland’s lowest income residents. Orange Splot is pleased to support the Welcome Home Coalition and their Yes for Affordable Homes! initiative. You can too – with your ballot next month.

Thanks so much to our awesome staff, partners and investors – and all of our loving and supportive families. Without them, Orange Splot would just be a (pretty darned great) kids book.

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