Applewood Corner Condominium

Screenshot 2016-03-18 11.52.20Orange Splot LLC is currently building a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on a 7,123 square foot corner lot just south of Mt. Tabor at SE Woodward and 71st Ave. The ADU shares a lot with a beautiful 1904 farmhouse, from the farm that was originally here. They are being sold separately as condominiums.

Here’s a story about the project in The Oregonian: “Preserved Portland farmhouse shares lot with new cottage” by Janet Eastman.

For more information regarding home sale prices and timing, please see listing details here – and contact: David Todd, Living Room Realty.

Unit Mix
(1) 2-Story ADU: 794 square feet, 2BR, 1.5BA
(1) Existing 2-Story farmhouse with finished basement: 2,134 square feet, 4BR, 3BA
(1) Storage structure for each home

Features & Amenities

  • Sizeable covered porches face the shared gardening area;
  • Large (2,000 square foot), full-sun garden space bordered by mature espalier apple trees;
  • 500+ square foot shared social gathering area at the back corner of the property;
  • 400+ square foot private yards for each home;
  • Detached storage buildings for each home (garage for primary house; storage shed for ADU);
  • Shaker-style cabinets, quartz kitchen counter-tops; and
  • Hardwood flooring on ground floors, tile or marmoleum in bathrooms, wool carpet upstairs.

Project Approach
As land prices in amenity-rich neighborhoods have escalated, it’s become virtually impossible to build new homes for sale at first time homebuyer prices. By building an ADU, partitioning the lot, as allowed by code, and selling it separately from the primary home, we are creating a home buying opportunity at around $325K in a neighborhood where few other new homes are selling for less than $500K., We’re also preserving a 110-year-old farmhouse that could be at risk for demolition and replacement with two large single family homes(a common practice in Portland right now). Finally, we’re setting the stage for a micro-garden-community with a carefully crafted mix of shared and private spaces.

Project Status & Timelineadu-image
We have been coordinating with subcontractors and in-house staff to finish the ADU and renovate the existing farmhouse in parallel.  Listing on RMLS is anticipated for late Sept., 2016.

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