Portlanders have developed all sorts of tiny, beautiful, affordable, and sustainable forms of housing, some legal (ie. accessory dwelling units, detached bedrooms…) and some not.

National Cohousing Day: April 29th is National Cohousing Day. In 2017 Cully Grove hosted an open house featuring the common house, outdoor areas, and some individual homes.

Build Small Live Large: Eli guided a bike tour of accessory dwelling units as part of the Build Small Live Large 2016 ADU tour on Sept. 17th, 2016.

Pedalpalooza: In 2011, 2012, and 2015, Eli helped organize and either led or co-led Tiny Home bike tours as part of Pedalpalooza, a 3+ week celebration of bikey fun. Each tour attracted 100+ riders, many of whom have been inspired to launch their own tiny house projects.

Middle Housing In Buckman: In April, 2016, Eli joined Commissioner Steve Novick and interested Portland residents to give an overview of City zoning code. He then led a tour of middle housing in Portland’s Buckman Neighborhood, an area which exhibits a wide range of middle housing types integrated with single-dwelling, multifamily, and neighborhood commercial buildings.

Eli and maybe some more Orange Splot LLC staff will be continuing to lead bike tours, to identify and inventory Portland’s “Missing Middle” housing types.