Camp Cully

Orange Splot LLC is also planning a 22-home community in the Cully Neighborhood, designed in partnership with Communitecture. “Camp Cully” will be located on three lots totaling ~1.5 acres (60,944 square feet), across the street from the recently completed 16-home Cully Grove community on NE Going St. near NE 47th Ave.

Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.29.59Unit Mix
(3) 1.5 Story Detached Cottages: 650 square feet, 1BR, 1BA
(7) 2 Story Attached Townhomes: 800 square feet, 2BR, 1BA
(4) 2 Story Attached Townhomes: 1,200 square feet, 3BR, 2BA
(7) 2 Story Attached Townhomes: 1,500 square feet, 3BR, 2BA
(1) Existing House: 1,470 square feet, 4BR, 2BA
(1) Common house: 700 square feet, 1BA
(1) Guesthouse: 250 square feet, 1BR

Features & Amenities
Designed around (and inspired by!) a centrally-located fir tree grove, the site plan is intended to facilitate community building, more efficient resource use, and interaction among residents. Camp Cully will offer residents private homes with shared amenities, including:

  • Preserved grove of fir trees with campfire area and nearby sauna;
  • Centrally-located common building with small kitchen for social gatherings and food processing projects, bike repair shop and more;
  • Guesthouse for friends and family who come to visit; and
  • Community garden, picnic area, and children’s play areas.

Project Approach
Camp Cully presents another opportunity to model what we’re calling “voluntary inclusionary zoning.” Now that the State of Oregon (finally!) allows inclusionary zoning, cities can require new residential developments over a certain size to include a small percentage of affordable homes. We’re asking socially-conscious investors to help provide relatively inexpensive financing for this and other new developments in exchange for our voluntary inclusion of permanently affordable homes. To that end, we are working with Proud Ground and Living Cully to include 2-3 permanently affordable homes within this community for first time homebuyers at or below 80% of Median Family Income (with a sizable contribution from Orange Splot LLC per affordable unit).

Project Status
This project has received strong support from the Cully Association of Neighbors, and other advocates in support of increasing affordable homeownership in Cully. We are pursuing a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Zone Change to obtain R3 zoning for the whole site, and hope to begin construction in early 2017.

As part of our application for a zone change for two of the three lots comprising Camp Cully, we commissioned a Traffic Impact Study. Traffic Engineers found that the change in capacity as a result of a zone change from R5 to R3 for the two lots along Going Street (utilizing a “worst case” scenario of 13 apartments allowed under R3 compared with the 8 homes allowed under R5) will likely result in 1 new weekday AM peak hour trip, and no new weekday PM peak hour trips compared with what build-out for all single-family homes would generate. Additionally, 13 townhomes, the home type planned for Campy Cully, are expected to generate less trips than apartments, resulting in no net trip difference from single-family homes (p.4).

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