Cully Grove

Completed in late 2013, Cully Grove is an old-fashioned neighborhood built in a new-fashioned way, with shared bike parking and solar panels.  On nearly 2 acres in NE Portland, 16 homes and a shared common house provide fun and bountiful gardening for urban homesteaders of all ages.

Rather than divide this 80,000 square foot parcel into a 16-lot subdivision, we opted for a Planned Development process to locate the homes and parking around the periphery of the site, mostly in 2- and 3-unit buildings.  In doing so, we preserved site open space for an entry courtyard anchored by a huge oak tree, 4,400 square foot community garden, and lovely grove of deciduous trees that has become a hang-out space for adults and play area for kids.

In addition to being relatively small (3-BR homes are ~1,500 square feet each), they incorporate numerous green building features and amenities.  Site amenities include an on-site well for irrigation, ecoroofs on carport structures, and space for bees, chickens, ducks, blueberries, and fruit trees.  An overview of common amenities can be found here.

Role: Co-developer, general contractor, resident