Oleson Woods

OW - Common house

Oleson Woods Apartments is a 32-unit affordable housing development completed in 2005. Oleson Woods has proven to be a model for creating a supportive environment wherein both residents and natural systems can thrive. For the residents, Oleson Woods offers stable housing at low rents, services from CPAH and partner agencies, ideal transit access and proximity to over 18,000 jobs. The unit mix includes one, three and four bedroom units renting at 30% to 45% MFI. For the natural environment, Oleson Woods maintains significant natural resources on-site by preserving and protecting a wetland on the property, continuing to provide wildlife habitat, and minimizing disturbances to the tree canopy. More than two dozen trees over two feet in diameter were preserved, and more than 200 new trees will be planted. Oleson Woods has a 1,500 square foot community center equipped with a small manager’s office, computer lab with high speed internet access, meeting room, kitchen, bathrooms, coin-operated laundry, and storage. The meeting room will be divided into two areas to accommodate simultaneous activities such as childcare and meetings.

Role: Project manager for site acquisition, preliminary design and initial funding as HDC staff