Model Code for Accessory Dwelling Units

by | Nov 25, 2014

My co-editors (Martin Brown and Kol Peterson) at and I have been learning a lot about ADU codes and development over the past couple years.  We’ve noticed that:

  • Lots of ADU codes that were adopted throughout the country 10-15 years ago are barely getting used; and
  • Many communities that have never legalized ADUs are thinking of doing so, often in response to affordability challenges and a trend towards smaller household sizes.
City of Santa Cruz

City of Santa Cruz

In response, we dove in and wrote a new model code for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) that’s just been released.

If ADUs are not allowed where you live (or are technically legal but no one’s building them), this can be adopted to bring these discreet, affordable, environmentally friendly little homes to your town.

For the full model code post, follow this link.  You can also download it directly as an editable Word or PDF file.