Sabin Green

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Sabin Green
This mini co-housing community consists of 4 homes on each corner of a 75′ x 100′ lot. On the south side of the lot is an existing house with detached garage that was converted into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). On the north side of the lot, a new house and detached ADU were constructed. Each unit is owned as a condominium, and all four homes share a common circular courtyard. On the north edge of the courtyard is a shell-shaped tea house, built with straw-clay construction and cob as part of the Village Building Convergence. It has a green roof that provides a beautiful and cozy interior/exterior space for residents to share.

Extensive green building materials were used in this development, including salvaged framing lumber for interior trim, salvaged windows from The Rebuilding Center, salvaged bricks and tile fragments for the circular patios, a bike storage shed with green roof built entirely from job-site waste materialserials, fiberglass windows (instead of vinyl), FSC certified framing lumber and engineered oak flooring, EnergyStar appliances, no-VOC interior paint, and no carpet anywhere.

Green building systems incorporated into this development include:

  • Tankless hot water systems that provide both domestic hot water and in-floor radiant heat
  • Rooftop solar PV
  • Rooftop solar water pre-heat
  • Passive radon vent system allows under-slab gases to vent out the roof
  • Advanced framing (walls framed at 24” o.c., lifted trusses for additional insulation…)
  • Solar vent attic fan
  • 4 fruit trees included in the site landscaping, with additional space available for gardening
  • Insulation at or above Energy Star standards

Roles: Developer, General Contractor