Shared Housing Models

  • Cottage Clusters
    Cottage Clusters
    Cottage Clusters are grouping of homes around shared community elements, often including outdoor play areas, gardens, and a common house.  With a ‘planned development’ or multifamily model the homes are all on the same lot.  With a subdivision model, each home is on a separate lot and the common property may be a common green.  […]
  • Accessory Dwellings
    Accessory Dwellings
    Built new or through the conversion of garages, attics or basements, accessory dwelling units are small, affordable homes on the same lots as traditionally sized homes.
  • Corner Duplexes
    Corner Duplexes
    Corner duplexes represent an historic housing type that is reasonably common in urban neighborhoods.  They may consist of side-by-side townhomes or stacked flats.  Some jurisdictions allow 2 homes on corner lots in neighborhoods where only one would typically be allowed.  In others, the minimum lot size for a corner lot duplex may be less than […]
  • Detached Bedrooms
    Detached Bedrooms
  • Tiny Homes on Wheels
    Tiny Homes on Wheels
  • Group Housing
    Group Housing
  • Room Rentals
    Room Rentals
  • Subdivide Large Homes
    Subdivide Large Homes
    Over time, large homes sometimes get internally divided into duplexes, triplexes, or other configurations of smaller units.  Building and zoning codes both have roles in determining what sorts of internal conversions can be performed legally.  Also, there are many examples of internally converted homes that are ‘grandfathered’ in under rules that pre-date existing regulations.
  • Urban Campgrounds
    Urban Campgrounds

Shared housing development models