Current Projects

new doc 79_1Applewood Corner Condominium/ADU
We are under currently under construction for an 800 square foot Accessory Dwelling Unit, or “ADU”, just south of Mt. Tabor at the corner of SE Woodward and 71st Ave. The ADU will be a two-story home with two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and energy efficient design and construction.

The ADU will share the lot with a beautiful 1906 farmhouse (4-bedroom, 3-bathroom). These homes will share a large, southeast-facing garden area bordered by mature espalier apple trees and will be sold separately as condominiums. Anticipated completion date is this Spring, 2016.  Learn More  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.22.43Mason St. Townhomes
Situated near the corner of NE Mason St. and NE Cully Blvd., Mason St. Townhomes will consist of 13 new townhomes and one existing house. The project will offer residents a shared central backyard/courtyard, community building, guest house, garden area, ample bicycle parking, and some on-site vehicle parking. 

Homes are designed to provide entry-level options for first-time home buyers. Each rowhouse will be an efficient, 2-4 bedroom unit, ranging in size from 1,100 – 1,600 square feet, some 2 stories and some 2.5. We’re working with Proud Ground and Living Cully to make 2-3 homes permanently affordable to low-income, first-time homebuyers.  Learn More


Screenshot 2016-03-11 15.41.12

Rose’s Ice Cream
Rose’s Ice Cream will be Orange Splot LLC’s foray into mixed-use, commercial development. The long-term plan is to redevelop the site into some sort of affordable, mixed-use project. NE 42nd Avenue has the potential to follow suit with some of Portland’s other commercial corridors, which are no longer offer affordable, day-to-day services to local businesses or residents. We are working with Our 42nd Ave, a local economic development initiative, to chart a different path for our small business district. In the mean time, the site will continue to co-host the Cully Farmer’s Market, and perhaps a farm supply store, seed trading post, or something else desired by local businesses and community members. Learn More


Screenshot 2016-03-02 15.29.59Camp Cully
Orange Splot LLC is planning another new community on 1.4 acres in the Cully Neighborhood. The development will consist of 21 new homes, and the existing house at 4540 NE 47th Ave. Camp Cully will be located on NE Going St. and NE 47th Ave., across the street from Cully Grove. Designed around (and inspired by) a central fir tree grove, Camp Cully will offer residents private homes with shared amenities including: a common house, campfire area, sauna, community gardens, picnic shelter, guest room for friends & family, off-street vehicle parking, and ample bike parking.

Home sizes will range from approximately 800 to 1,500 square feet, built primarily as duplexes and 3-unit attached townhomes. Three units will be stand-alone “micro-cottages,” at about 650 square feet each. We’re also working with Proud Ground and Living Cully to incorporate permanently affordable homes into the community.  Learn More