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Orange Splot LLC is a housing development company and general contractor with a mission to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing in Portland. We believe that one of the most important things we can do to minimize our ecological footprint is to live in less space with a community of neighbors, making it easy (and fun) to share resources.

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Thanks to several meetings and constructive discussions with neighbors and policy makers on my proposal to bump up density around the borders of neighborhood parks, I’ve crafted this updated proposal for inclusion in Portland’s Comprehensive Plan: (1) The Map Direct Planning staff to propose density increases from single family to low level multifamily (R2 or […]

My co-editors (Martin Brown and Kol Peterson) at AccessoryDwellings.org and I have been learning a lot about ADU codes and development over the past couple years.  We’ve noticed that: Lots of ADU codes that were adopted throughout the country 10-15 years ago are barely getting used; and Many communities that have never legalized ADUs are […]

Proposal.  Create a legal path for the occupancy of small accessory structures or homes-on-wheels that meet sanitary and life safety requirements drawn from Portland’s Property Maintenance code and Oregon Landlord-Tenant law.  To be legally occupied, a tiny home would have to pass a ‘habitability’ inspection and receive a certificate of occupancy. Motivation.  This proposal would legalize […]

Back in 2007, I used the condominium legal structure in order to sell ADUs independently from the primary dwellings on two side-by-side lots for the Sabin Green development.  I thought at the time that this might become a more common development model, as lot & home prices increased in close-in neighborhoods and undeveloped side yards […]

(Printed in the Oregonian as “Portland should increase residential density around parks” on 9/14/14) When Portland makes major public investments in transit corridors, we update zoning to allow more people to live nearby.  With neighborhood parks?  Apparently not. Portland’s Comprehensive Plan update gives us a rare chance to consider boosting allowable residential densities along our […]