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Orange Splot LLC is a housing development company and general contractor with a mission to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing in Portland. We believe that one of the most important things we can do to minimize our ecological footprint is to live in less space with a community of neighbors, making it easy (and fun) to share resources.

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  Hello! This is the first general update in a while, so there’s lots to share on both the project and policy fronts. You can click on links and photos for more info. PROJECTS FOR SALE: Farmhouse and Cottage at Applewood Corner Love gardening? Community living? Small homes? Beautiful old farmhouses? This could be the […]

My View: Infill project a good first step on housing       (Re-posted from Portland Tribune, 7/26/16) Will the Residential Infill Project “destroy, densify and displace neighborhoods?” as claimed in “My View: Infill project breaches public trust” (by Robin Harman, Christine Yun and Merilee Spence, July 7 Tribune)? If “destroying” means reducing the allowed size of […]

Orange Splot is pleased to share a report entitled: “Character-Compatible, Space-Efficient Housing Options for Single-Dwelling Neighborhoods,” researched and prepared under a contract with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in support of the State of Oregon’s Transportation and Growth Management Program (TGM). Here’s a download link. Eli and Madeline, report authors, will be presenting highlights of […]

Portland is blessed with a strong environmental ethos and thriving re-use culture. But this often fails to extend to our construction sector, which can contribute more than 25% of the materials that end up in our region’s landfills. Nationwide, the EPA estimates that between 65-85% of the Construction & Demolition waste stream is landfilled. With […]

Here’s a short description of a new mortgage product feature Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac could offer that would create new home ownership opportunities for non-traditional buyer groups and help people in certain situations (ie. divorce; shifting family composition…) stay in their homes.  And although this product would be beneficial in any part of the […]