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Orange Splot LLC is a housing development company and general contractor with a mission to pioneer new models of community-oriented, affordable, green housing in Portland. We believe that one of the most important things we can do to minimize our ecological footprint is to live in less space with a community of neighbors, making it easy (and fun) to share resources.

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(Printed in the Oregonian as “Portland should increase residential density around parks” on 9/14/14) When Portland makes major public investments in transit corridors, we update zoning to allow more people to live nearby.  With neighborhood parks?  Apparently not. Portland’s Comprehensive Plan update gives us a rare chance to consider boosting allowable residential densities along our […]

Here’s a short description of a new mortgage product Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac could offer that would create new home ownership opportunities for non-traditional buyer groups and help people in certain situations (ie. divorce; shifting family composition…) stay in their homes.  And although this product would be beneficial in any part of the housing […]

Want to build a small structure on your Portland property?  You’re definitely not alone.  Depending on the structure size, construction type and use, it could be classified in various ways.  This table covers the basics for: Accessory dwelling units (detached fully functional small homes) Detached bedrooms (habitable accessory structures) Garages, artist/yoga studios… (permitted accessory structures); […]

(Printed in the Portland Tribune as “My View: New ideas solve Portland housing needs” on 4/24/14) Why are so many big, bulky new homes popping up in neighborhoods across Portland?  This is a symptom of developers responding to rules put in place a generation ago. As demographic shifts yield smaller households and housing costs climb […]

  Winter is a great time to dream and scheme about summertime adventures.  Over the past several years, some friends and I have gone on over a dozen of what I call ‘Burrito Night Hikes’ around Portland, OR.  Here’s how they work: Go mid-week, leaving by ~6pm and getting back in time for work the […]

Introduction First time homebuyers are craving better financial models to collectively purchase shared homes or small plexes, especially in markets where home prices are once again climbing.  Although FHA, Freddie Mae and Fannie Mae do a great job of supporting initial purchases by small groups of buyers, none of them can accommodate any shifting in […]